Hierba oriental también llamada Ajenuz o “Amor en la niebla” es una planta tónica y medicinal que se ha utilizado en muchos países como condimento reemplazando la pimienta. La llaman también el “comino negro” y se ha llegado a decir de ella que “sus semillas tienen la medicina para todas las...

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Only 75 € per person to enjoy the experience of traditional Moroccan 'Hammam'. You and your partner or a friend of yours can enjoy this treatment together. Relax in the steam room and then treated with a body peeling and massage, to make you feel refreshed and rested.  It is clear that it will return for more!. Salon Beauty Oriental/Andalusian newest and authentic in the Costa del Sol.


 • Call 625446175  to book

 • Treatment is one hour.

 • All towels, slippers, boxer / nappy, soap, shampoo and Moroccan Beldi Soap will be provided by "Hammam Almanzor".

• Offer includes aromatherapy, soaping, scrub, steam, massage and traditional green tea for each person. Face mask with herbs for the ladies.

 • Open Mon- Fri 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Saturday: 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

   Offer: € 140.00 for 2 people


View a customer who perfectly defines our service Hammam:

The Westerners are not accustomed to running mode of this service and, if you are somewhat modest, will leave you KO invite you enter a room, shower and wash a lady you like your mom when you were little.

To me, well, let me have some fun with steam sauna that opened me up to the last pore of the body, with a relaxing and exotic Arabic music accompanied by a very pleasant aroma of eucalyptus. When I thought I was suffocating heat definitely, I turned my expert and smeared black soap, beldi, with a soothing massage.
After the indicated time, rinsed my body with water, eliminating soap.
The following is the final phase: the work itself exfoliating glove with a black color bristle called Kassa. Imagine a black wool fiber and have already displayed the Moroccan glove.
Oh my God what went as dead skin from my flesh!. I promise that I spend the mitt and that I really like shower gels and scrubs use. But kilos of useless skin that sanded hammam lady with black glove is impossible remove with other methods, it was amazing. Awesome. Seeing is believing.
As a final point, last shower of running water and optionally a body milk aplicabas you yourself. The skin, dramatically thin and smooth. As ever. As bebe.Y that feeling lasted many weeks, my skin was more than regenerated.

The soap does not sting or irritate, is soothing and very moisturizing. The glove, despite their effectiveness, not scratched or damaged skin. We must vigorously rub: reddened skin but nothing negative or hurt either. Of course, the feeling is the first time that an earthquake is shaking you, is called HAMMAM ALMANZOR

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