Eyelash extensions with natural hair

The extensions are designed to lengthen the look. The last extensions are those made with natural hair. They are especially indicated for women with short eyelashes, depopulated and without curvature or for those who are accustomed to using false versions. They are made by applying the extensions one by one on each of the tabs, from the middle of the parpebral edge to the outer vertex. To adhere them and ensure a prolonged stay, a special silicone is applied over each natural flange. After 24 hours, the eyelashes can be made up with a mask that is not water resistant. To remove make-up you must use oil-free products. Requires touch-ups every 3 weeks. Price: from € 80.
Regarding the eyelash tint: It is an advisable step to the implantation of extensions, thus a coherent, uniform and natural repopulation is achieved. Your advantages: you can be without mascara for 2 months. Procedure: Spread the dye with a cotton ball and apply a cream with vitamin A to hydrate. Prices: Tinte 11 €.